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The complete Holter package

You’ll be equipped with a getemed CM3000 or CM3000SMA recorder and software to upload the recording data to Clinical Cardiology using a secure, encrypted FTP server.

What you’ll get emailed back to you within 24 hours, includes a full rhythm analysis for any duration between 24 hours and 7 days and a bespoke PDF report, which includes examples of every abnormality/arrhythmia and all patient events and diary times.

The information in these reports is very accurate, having been analysed by a highly-trained analyst. Almost everything is provided for you, from full training to paperwork.  All you need to provide are electrodes and batteries.

Effective training and technical support

To ensure that everything runs smoothly, full and comprehensive training for all necessary staff is provided.  This includes hook-up, use of the equipment and how to transfer the data.  All the software is installed and checked for you.

A full range of services

Clinical Cardiology can also provide ST segment analysis; heart rate variability; QT analysis and with the SMA recorder, Pacemaker analysis and Apnoea monitoring.

For symptomatic problems, 5 to 7-day Event monitoring using the same equipment is available. Reports differ from Holter reports as there is no full rhythm analysis, counts and histograms are excluded, and only patient events and diary times are reported on.

Non-symptomatic events are monitored, just in case. As the data is transferred electronically to Clinical Cardiology, subsequent full Holter analysis for any 24-hour period as required can be provided.

Ambulatory Blood Pressure

ABP monitors, cuffs and software are available, either for rental or purchase at competitive rates.  Full training and software installation ensures efficiency. Technical support is also just a phone call away.

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