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Clinical Cardiology formed in 2007 as the brainchild of Mary and Nigel Cox. The aim was simple: to provide accurate reporting on clinical ambulatory (Holter) ECG's but with one key difference - a guaranteed fast turn-around time.

Unlike other companies, we report on all Holter and Event recordings - regardless of duration - within 24 hours of receipt of the recording data. Uniquely, Clinical Cardiology can provide an even faster turn-around in the case of urgent requests.

A fast turn-around time means patients can be treated quicker than ever before. The effectiveness of interventions can be ascertained without a lengthy wait. And with patients being dealt with quicker, more people can be seen.

With such speed, there could be a worry about quality. But with combined experience of well over 30 years of Holter ECG analysis, reports from Clinical Cardiology are of the highest quality. They are read by analysts to such a standard that QT, ST segment and HRV analysis can also be undertaken. Double-verification underlines the quality and accuracy of our reporting.

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